Gerrit Mora, Digital Consultant

I am a digital marketing technology professional with experience spanning a wide variety of technical concentrations and business industries. My expertise has grown from a “hands-on” approach and formal education, which has contributed to my ability to adapt and work comfortably across many disciplines.

My professional history has been focused on growing and developing my skills to advance my career and benefit all entities I work with. I work with a wide variety of clients on a daily basis to achieve positive business results through digital marketing technologies. 

My passion is digital advertising.

Yes, it really is! I’ve built my career and business around a singular focus of ensuring that I’m passionate about what I do. This not only allows me to love and truly care about the work I put into the world, but ensures that my clients know I’m here to go the extra mile without question.  

Gerrit Mora


Gerrit Mora holds certifications for Google Ads, SnapChat Ads, and Iubenda privacy.